Upright Caddy Racr Push Cart

Have you noticed people “walking” their luggage through airports on four wheels instead of dragging their bag behind them on two wheels? That’s half the concept here; the other half is making it easier to find and retrieve a club. Expanding from a compact 25”x18”x10” the Racr is ready for your bag in about 45 seconds. This 12lb wonder comes in red, blue and black.

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Country Club Course at Sandy Lane

Country Club Course at Sandy Lane

This is your chance to play on a Guinness World Record-setting course. On January 29, 2010 English-born golfer Alexander Sandeman set a new Guinness World Record for “The Most Birdies in 12 Hours.” The setting was Sandy Lane’s Country Club course, Tom Fazio’s first international design. After your attempt to break the record you can recuperate in the 47,000 square-foot spa before heading back to the airport in one of Sandy Lane’s Bentley taxis. Regular room rates noted; suites and villas higher.

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Ahead Green- Eco-Friendly Clothing Line

You might need to do some hunting but Ahead’s Green line is beginning to show up in pro shops for 2010. While not all the way there yet (polyester is still in the mix), bamboo and coconut bi-products play a central role in the fabrics for their spring line. Polos for men only. (Sorry ladies)

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Barth & McCallig Language of Golf Scarfs

What woman doesn’t love the feel of silk around her neck? Or the way it adds a touch of class to just about any outfit? Barth & McCallig’s luxurious silk scarves feature hand rolled edges and are delivered in their signature yellow boxes. Guys, are you paying attention? Pictured above is one of four different colored scarves (also teal, orange or purple) from their Language of Golf series playfully illustrating golf’s unique vocabulary. Scarf dimensions: 36″ x 36″

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The G2 Golf Stretch Fitness Program

How is it that we have memorized all the bio-mechanic movements of a golf swing yet can’t seem to execute a respectable sit up? Not only that, which among us regularly stretches for golf? Tisk, tisk. The Golf Stretch Mat from G2 Lifestyles eliminates any excuses for either with its physician certified stretches and thick cushion design. And when you wear it out with all that stretching you can dump it in the recycling bin because its “eco friendly”.

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KENTWOOL Golf Socks (for Men and Women)

Apparel is going sport-specific so golf socks should be no surprise. We’ve been a huge fan of wool over the years and wear no other fabric on our feet—Gold Toe, Smart Wool and now, KENTWOOL’s golf-specific design. Why? Wool’s natural properties help your feet stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer (really!) and do not trap annoying foot odors like other fabrics or soak up sweat like cotton. KENTWOOL takes this ancient fabric and applies modern technology to produce something specially designed for golfers. We don’t know if it will win you any tournaments but at least you won’t be thinking about your feet on the 18th green. Women’s Low Profile pictured here.

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Puttle Golf Game

Is golf fun if we need a game to make golf fun? Well, let’s not go there. Instead let’s say that games can make practice and learning fun and what could be more fun than combining bowling and putting? Like putting in real golf, accuracy counts and low score wins. You get three pins, scorecard, stickers, measuring lines, a Dixon Earth golf ball—and none of the deafening sounds of the local bowling alley.

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Lambda Imperia Golf Shoes (White – UK – Red – Blue “Flag Series”)

Just in time for the 2010 Ryder Cup, these full-leather flag-wavers are available in six different flag versions. Made in Portugal, of course, Lambda’s classic golf shoes are functional and reliable, while remaining fashionable and guaranteed to be comfortable (exchanges are shipped back without a delivery charge). A special membrane inlay sole and heel absorb the impact on knees, hips and back to make your game more enjoyable.

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2010 Fila Golf Collection

Italian fashion arrives this spring: women’s Marseille Stripped Shirt ($80) and Rimini Golf Skort ($100), both with moisture wicking fabrics and anti-bacterial finish.  Men’s Cagliari Polo ($60), Oslo Pant with a ‘hint’ of Spandex ($100) and Oxford Men’s Pullover ($120). The cap is from Fila’s Moderna line…just the right look for a late summer round at San Domenico.

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2006 Alanté Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Alanté is a small Napa Valley winery owned and operated by the Van den Bosch family since 1993. This single-vineyard Cab draws from the regions unique world-class climate to produce a full-bodied, balanced and velvety textured wine sure to please the discriminating pallet now–but even more so if you can resist the urge for 10 or so more years. Availability is limited so hurry.

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