Garia Mansory Currus Golf Cart

This amazing golf cart can really get you to the course – quickly! The street legal Garia Mansory Currus golf cart takes the golf cart concept into into exotic sports-car territory. Characteristics include an adjustable setting for greatest motor braking and battery regeneration, a speed change with three distinct driving modes — Golf, Road, and Race — with a range of 37 miles plus a high speed of 37 mph. Add on some cool accessories like carbon-fiber inserts, custom seats, a matte black paint-job, and awesome black wheels and you are the Man on the course!

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Hexcaliber Golf Ball Compression Testing and Sizing Device

Hexcaliber golf ball tester

You’ve just missed a putt on the 18th and now you have to buy beers for all your friends.  But wait. You pull out your trusty Hexcaliber and testing reveals your opponent was using a non-conforming ball. Thanks to the Hexcaliber every golfer can enjoy and benefit from random ball testing thus preventing an embarrassing moment like this one. Compare hardness/softness of your ball to the manufacturer’s published information. Or check circumference to identify any deviations from perfect roundness that might occur from too frequent use. This just might help give you the perfect excuse for a terrible round.

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AngleVision Golf Ball

AngleVision Golf Ball

The unique “sawed off” face of this training ball gives the golfer immediate feedback about what it means to square up the club face to the ball. Depending on what you are working on–eliminating a slice, practicing a draw or fade, chipping–position the ball and hit it with a full swing to see the result. It’s something only a video could communicate and unfortunately the website says…”coming soon”. From CSQUARE Golf.

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Danang Golf Club, Vietnam

Danang Golf Club, Vietnam

This Greg Norman designed golf course, part of a master-planned golf, residential and resort complex is only the 24th course for Vietnam. The links style course is situated on the East Sea with views of the Cham Islands and only 15 minutes from the ancient trading port of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The par-72 course is 7,160 yards from the “Shark tees” with the longest hole being par-5. The second 18-hole course is scheduled to open in 2012.

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Jack Nicklaus Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Limited Edition Signed Bottle

Jack Nicklaus Cabernet Sauvignon

Jack Nicklaus Wines gets off the ground this June with two limited-production selections in partnership with Terlato Wines International, manager of more than 50 wine brands world-wide. The two wines, both from the esteemed Napa Valley California region—a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2007 Private Reserve—will first be served at a private event at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland this spring. The public debut will be held at the Jack Nicklaus-hosted Memorial Tournament, being played June 3-6 at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. Both wines are available signed, and unsigned. What’s Jack’s signature worth? $465 for the Cab and $457 for the Private Reserve. (The no-signature prices are $35 and $43 respectively.)

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Christian Audigier Golf Collection

Christian Audigier Golf Collection

Fashion designer Christian Audigier brings his flair for design to golf in a new line called “Golf Classique” with the tag line of “playable style”. The line features Christian Audigier ExceleZ drivers, woods and irons for men, women and children (green and pink rather than the adult colors of black and gold), along with designer golf bags, performance balls, headwear, gloves, umbrellas and various other accessories. You can find the line at company owned stores in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. Pictured: Christian Audigier ExceleZ Driver-Mens. Titanium heads, 100% graphite shaft.

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GameBook makes both a proprietary, pocket-sized real-time scoring system (above) and an iPhone App that makes it possible to display live leaderboards. (Now you have an excuse to keep your phone on during the round.) iPhone users can also post photos and write comments while tracking their own round. For clubs or tournaments the GameBook system replaces the traditional leaderboard and adds a whole new range of stats and features including “side games” (whatever those are) to the experience making it fun for even the non-golfers in your midst.

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DnA Golf Driver with Detachable Face Technology

DnA Golf Driver with Detachable Face Technology

DnA Golf, where D stands for Distance and A stands for Acoustics, is a new concept in drivers. Both right and left handed golfers can select not only the loft, flex and acoustic profile they are looking for, but the branding as well. Choose from several groups of logos: military, foundations (this probably appeals more to you tournament organizers)…or your favorite NBA franchise.

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The Ultrameter II by Myron L Company

Let’s say you are wondering about the contamination levels in that water hazard on your backyard course. Or maybe it’s been a few months since you changed the water in your aquarium. Or just maybe, you want an easier way to generate Langelier Saturation Index values (and who among us doesn’t!?). Now you can test for concentrations of various weed killers, fertilizers and far more with this handy gadget. It’s even got Bluetooth.

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adidas Golf’s adiPURE Line of Premium Golf Apparel

adidas Golf’s adiPURE Line of Premium Golf Apparel

We have to ask: is the term ‘premium golf apparel’ an oxymoron? Taking it in a decided upscale direction adidas Golf is launching a new line of apparel and shoes featuring classic designs and interesting material compositions such as wool and Coolmax®. Sir Nick Faldo will be the face promoting it; men’s is available now (although not on their website as of this writing) while the new women’s line will be available this fall at a pro shop near you. Start saving.

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