Sorus Titanium Smart Money Clip®

You know it must be good when a PGA Show exhibitor gives you a product demo–and it isn’t his product. The Storus Smart Money Clip holds 1-5 credit or ID cards on one side, 5 on the other, plus 30 bills. No more bulky wallets, the pictured titanium model weights a mere 1oz.

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Scuffty Putting Trainer

The Scuffty is a stylish objet d’art that you’ll love to show your friends–and it comes with a “1,000 year warranty”.   From doorstop or paperweight to practice in less than 15 seconds.  Nothing complicated here–set it on its included surface or the middle of your office floor and begin practicing your three foot putts.  Did the ball return to you?  Try again. 
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Dixon Earth Golf Balls

How many of us golfers give a thought to the types of metals and chemicals used to make our balls? Tungsten, cobalt, lead? Can’t someone create a good ball from recycling materials? Surely the packaging can be made from recyclable paper. You can come down from the tree tops now because Dixon has done just that by introducing the first ball made from recycled materials, including the packaging. Now when you lose that ball you won’t have a guilty conscience about it polluting the water table. Let it be. Let it be.

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Bionic Golf Gloves-Silver Series (men & women)

Here’s a way to make the game more enjoyable and less painful for those of us experiencing hand pain—most notably caused by arthritis. The Silver Series from Bionic adds a third row of pads to the fingers to assist golfers with hand problems in gripping the clubs. Made from fine cabretta leather, they’re designed with the patented pre-rotated fingers, web zones, and motion zones placed in all Bionic Gloves. The Silver Series Gloves have been awarded the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation. (Men’s pictured, also available for women.)

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