Hexcaliber Golf Ball Compression Testing and Sizing Device

Hexcaliber golf ball tester

You’ve just missed a putt on the 18th and now you have to buy beers for all your friends.  But wait. You pull out your trusty Hexcaliber and testing reveals your opponent was using a non-conforming ball. Thanks to the Hexcaliber every golfer can enjoy and benefit from random ball testing thus preventing an embarrassing moment like this one. Compare hardness/softness of your ball to the manufacturer’s published information. Or check circumference to identify any deviations from perfect roundness that might occur from too frequent use. This just might help give you the perfect excuse for a terrible round.

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The G2 Golf Stretch Fitness Program

How is it that we have memorized all the bio-mechanic movements of a golf swing yet can’t seem to execute a respectable sit up? Not only that, which among us regularly stretches for golf? Tisk, tisk. The Golf Stretch Mat from G2 Lifestyles eliminates any excuses for either with its physician certified stretches and thick cushion design. And when you wear it out with all that stretching you can dump it in the recycling bin because its “eco friendly”.

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Scuffty Putting Trainer

The Scuffty is a stylish objet d’art that you’ll love to show your friends–and it comes with a “1,000 year warranty”.   From doorstop or paperweight to practice in less than 15 seconds.  Nothing complicated here–set it on its included surface or the middle of your office floor and begin practicing your three foot putts.  Did the ball return to you?  Try again. 
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