AngleVision Golf Ball

AngleVision Golf Ball

The unique “sawed off” face of this training ball gives the golfer immediate feedback about what it means to square up the club face to the ball. Depending on what you are working on–eliminating a slice, practicing a draw or fade, chipping–position the ball and hit it with a full swing to see the result. It’s something only a video could communicate and unfortunately the website says…”coming soon”. From CSQUARE Golf.

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Christian Audigier Golf Collection

Christian Audigier Golf Collection

Fashion designer Christian Audigier brings his flair for design to golf in a new line called “Golf Classique” with the tag line of “playable style”. The line features Christian Audigier ExceleZ drivers, woods and irons for men, women and children (green and pink rather than the adult colors of black and gold), along with designer golf bags, performance balls, headwear, gloves, umbrellas and various other accessories. You can find the line at company owned stores in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. Pictured: Christian Audigier ExceleZ Driver-Mens. Titanium heads, 100% graphite shaft.

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DnA Golf Driver with Detachable Face Technology

DnA Golf Driver with Detachable Face Technology

DnA Golf, where D stands for Distance and A stands for Acoustics, is a new concept in drivers. Both right and left handed golfers can select not only the loft, flex and acoustic profile they are looking for, but the branding as well. Choose from several groups of logos: military, foundations (this probably appeals more to you tournament organizers)…or your favorite NBA franchise.

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Tail of the Tiger Golf Balls

Just when you thought you’d heard and seen it all, here comes “The Mistress Collection”.  Twelve golf balls custom printed with the images of Tiger’s alleged mistresses in full color.  The website provides a bio on each woman (as if we need more details)–yet, one must wonder how convenient that there were “only” twelve.  The manufacture claims they will be limiting production to only 65,000 sets, one for every 1,000 golfers in the world.  Better hurry.    

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S7 Caddy Golf Bag from Jon-Paul Capito

A collectors edition golf bag makes me wonder if I’ll ever take this out of the house, much less on a trip. But judging from the details and claim that it’s made from the ‘highest quality materials known to man’, I doubt it would even scuff in the trunk of my car. A carbon fiber frame with all black patent leather gives the bag a truly unique look. Pictured is Number 1, of only 100.  Hurry.

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Groove Equipment (GEL) Paul Hurrion Signature Rego Putter

What you need to know is that Dr. Paul Hurrion is the putting coach of British Open champion Padraig Harrington. GEL’s line of groove-faced putters are designed to improve the desired topspin roll of a putt. The Rego is a modified alignment, face balanced blade with an inline weighting, with a centre shaft and no offset. Available in left and right handed orientations.

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Dixon Earth Golf Balls

How many of us golfers give a thought to the types of metals and chemicals used to make our balls? Tungsten, cobalt, lead? Can’t someone create a good ball from recycling materials? Surely the packaging can be made from recyclable paper. You can come down from the tree tops now because Dixon has done just that by introducing the first ball made from recycled materials, including the packaging. Now when you lose that ball you won’t have a guilty conscience about it polluting the water table. Let it be. Let it be.

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