Hexcaliber Golf Ball Compression Testing and Sizing Device

Hexcaliber golf ball tester

You’ve just missed a putt on the 18th and now you have to buy beers for all your friends.  But wait. You pull out your trusty Hexcaliber and testing reveals your opponent was using a non-conforming ball. Thanks to the Hexcaliber every golfer can enjoy and benefit from random ball testing thus preventing an embarrassing moment like this one. Compare hardness/softness of your ball to the manufacturer’s published information. Or check circumference to identify any deviations from perfect roundness that might occur from too frequent use. This just might help give you the perfect excuse for a terrible round.

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Christian Audigier Golf Collection

Christian Audigier Golf Collection

Fashion designer Christian Audigier brings his flair for design to golf in a new line called “Golf Classique” with the tag line of “playable style”. The line features Christian Audigier ExceleZ drivers, woods and irons for men, women and children (green and pink rather than the adult colors of black and gold), along with designer golf bags, performance balls, headwear, gloves, umbrellas and various other accessories. You can find the line at company owned stores in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. Pictured: Christian Audigier ExceleZ Driver-Mens. Titanium heads, 100% graphite shaft.

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GameBook makes both a proprietary, pocket-sized real-time scoring system (above) and an iPhone App that makes it possible to display live leaderboards. (Now you have an excuse to keep your phone on during the round.) iPhone users can also post photos and write comments while tracking their own round. For clubs or tournaments the GameBook system replaces the traditional leaderboard and adds a whole new range of stats and features including “side games” (whatever those are) to the experience making it fun for even the non-golfers in your midst.

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Upright Caddy Racr Push Cart

Have you noticed people “walking” their luggage through airports on four wheels instead of dragging their bag behind them on two wheels? That’s half the concept here; the other half is making it easier to find and retrieve a club. Expanding from a compact 25”x18”x10” the Racr is ready for your bag in about 45 seconds. This 12lb wonder comes in red, blue and black.

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Gentlemen’s Vice

A multi-purpose tool for on and off the course: cigar and golf club grip holder, cigar cutter, ball marker, and a divot repair tool.  The ergonomically designed Gentlemen’s Vice comes in nine different colors (metallic copper shown) in two series of designs.  Series A is an aluminum body design at a slightly higher price point ($24.99) than the Poly/ABS Series P.  Both use 304 stainless steel for their blade.    

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S7 Caddy Golf Bag from Jon-Paul Capito

A collectors edition golf bag makes me wonder if I’ll ever take this out of the house, much less on a trip. But judging from the details and claim that it’s made from the ‘highest quality materials known to man’, I doubt it would even scuff in the trunk of my car. A carbon fiber frame with all black patent leather gives the bag a truly unique look. Pictured is Number 1, of only 100.  Hurry.

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JellyGolf Gift Set

Break out of your dull, colorless world with the JellyGolf line of accessories. The tools are designed using colorful silicone rubber which is lightweight, with a soft texture, making them convenient to carry and use. Divot tool, markers, glove holders, groove tools and even an alignment tool. Pictured above is the JellyGolf Gift Set with two brushes, tee holder and divot tool. Corporate logo imprinting is available.

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Bionic Golf Gloves-Silver Series (men & women)

Here’s a way to make the game more enjoyable and less painful for those of us experiencing hand pain—most notably caused by arthritis. The Silver Series from Bionic adds a third row of pads to the fingers to assist golfers with hand problems in gripping the clubs. Made from fine cabretta leather, they’re designed with the patented pre-rotated fingers, web zones, and motion zones placed in all Bionic Gloves. The Silver Series Gloves have been awarded the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation. (Men’s pictured, also available for women.)

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